01 October 2014

Favourite useful websites

Some of my favorite and useful websites that i have bookmarked over the years and in recent times
(excuse my yet undeveloped blogging language, just started to blog)
1. www.gmail.com:
This is one site visited more than once a day or should i say several times a day. Knowing that google provides me 15 gb of space , free space, pushes me to use it for all purposes- for official purpose, personal, and even as storage.
I even use it to forward all my official mails so that it is saved as a backup as well as it gives me a notification in my gtalk client in my desktop.

2. www.facebook.com

To live with or without facebook. People who live with it and people who live without it has one thing in common. They both know what facebook.
I fall in the first category.

Though i am mostly a Liker on fb. (a liker -some whose involvement in fb mainly include liking other people's posts)
and including occasional posts once in a while.

I can be found here at fb


Started using it since last year only. Use it few times a week. I use it mainly for checking out templates.
I started using it to buy a website template from it for the first time for my wedding website.

The site owners provide an incentive for the members for visiting it every month. There's a free downloadable item every month, otherwise which is a paid version. I make sure i download a copy of it every month.

Check out this month's free file here http://themeforest.net/item/behemoth-reshape-your-personal-wordpress-blog/5355556?WT.ac=free_file&WT.z_author=BonfireThemes

4. www.goodsearch.in

GoodSearch, not google, is my default search engine.

The search engine is powered by yahoo. The reason i use goodsearch.com is because for every search i do, it donates around 1 cent (Rs. 0.50) to any charity that is registered with them.
In my case, i have chosen Spirit of Faith International as the chosen organization. I guess i am doing pretty good as an individual since i have raised over 100$ over the past several years.

As a developer, and as a geek (heree, i have self-confessed to it) , i keep searching the net and sometimes i donate upto 1$ a day or more. That makes it more than 100 searches a day.

So check it out.

5. www.youtube.com :

If i need anything in video, this is the site i visit.

Training videos, songs to listen to- it has it all.

More links and personal reviews coming later

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