10 February 2011

Manifesto for Nagaland

If it is to be something close to my heart then i would write...

1. Development of Nagaland  (economically, peaceful atmosphere etc):

The answer for nagaland, for her development, is first of all in the development of oneself first. In other words, before we expect the government to stop being corrupt and bring growth to the state, you must first look inside of you- look to see if you can bring change, a change in attitude, a change in your own thinking.

If we can do that then, and if we have to courage to bring upon whatever change necessary im ourself first, then that will be a big start towards fulfilling the stated point 1 above. Let me illustrate :

If you are walking through your own hometown in Nagaland, and you see a lot of garbage here and there(i definetly see that), and smelly uncleand drainages...what comes to your mind? It certainly is appropriate when we think that what is the town commitee doing? who is responsbile for cleaning this? why is the government  so corrupt oh?. But if that is the first and only thing that comes to your mind.... then something is wrong. A percentage of the possbility for achieving development is already gone if you think only those thoughts.

what should also come to your mind is... What can i do about this? Is there any way i can do something to remove this garbage from my town? Or, Am i playing my part in cleaning my home town clean??

There's has been true instances in Asian couuntries which i read few years agao...where some individualsl decided to change their mindsets and take some steps ...who brought in like minded people ..and what was supposed to be a small movement turned whole city clean.

Change in your own mindset. I have that first in my agenda.

also, an example of the recent happening of the burning of CM's official residence...

Just after the news reached people, i started hearing jokes about it...sms jokes, facebook status jokes! I don't think with that mindset, we can grow forward.
i believe we can play our part to the government...yes, corruption is there but we can choose to be different, we can choose to think differently.

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